April 26, 2024

Imagine the creamy swirls of your favorite ice cream cone transformed into a stretchy, squishy masterpiece, all without the worry of melting away. In this post, we’ll unveil the secrets to creating your own tantalizing ice cream butter slime using a combination of clear slime, Daiso clay, and clay sprinkles. If you don’t already have your own favorite clear slime recipe, you can find my famous clear slime recipe here.

*Quick note – your homemade clear slime does need to be activated using the borax method for this butter slime to turn out. This means you activated your clear slime using one teaspoon of borax dissolved in one cup of water.

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Ingredients: To create your own batch of ice cream butter slime, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Step 1: Prepare Your Clear Slime

Start by preparing a batch of clear slime using your preferred recipe. If you’re new to slime-making, don’t worry! You can refer to our previous blog post here on how to make clear slime for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Mix Daiso Clay and Clear Slime together

Step 3: Add Clay Sprinkles (Optional)

For an extra touch of whimsy and texture, consider adding clay sprinkles to your ice cream butter slime. Simply sprinkle them into the slime mixture and gently fold them in until evenly distributed.

Step 5: Fine-Tune the Consistency

Take some time to play with your slime and assess its consistency. If it’s too slimy, you can add a little more clay. If its not stretchy enough, you can add a bit more clear slime to it.

Step 6: Enjoy and Store

Once you’re happy with the texture of your ice cream butter slime, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Squish it, stretch it, and marvel at its creamy swirls.

When you’re done playing, be sure to store your slime in an airtight container to keep it fresh for future fun.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully whipped up a batch of ice cream butter slime. Whether you’re crafting solo or enjoying it with friends and family, this DIY creation is guaranteed to bring hours of joy and sensory exploration. So, go ahead, indulge your imagination, and let the sweet sensations of ice cream butter slime transport you to a world of endless creativity!

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