March 21, 2023
how to make color changing slime

If you have not made Color Changing Slime before, stick with me because this is a must-do project ASAP! There is something almost magical about shining a UV light or taking your slime into natural sunlight and watching the slime change colors. This recipe is kid-friendly and enjoyable for the entire family.

Materials You Need to Make Color-Changing Slime

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Watch me make this slime on my youtube video below and then read on below for the exact steps I use to make color-changing slime.

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How to Make Color-Changing Slime

You can add your glue first and then add your activator but for this tutorial, I decided to change it up a bit and add my activator first.

To activate my glue to turn it into slime, I am using Elmer’s Magical Liquid.

Start by adding your Magical Liquid to a bowl. You can follow the directions on the bottle to decide exactly how much you will need according to the amount of glue you will be using.

You can also add your glue first if you like and then add Magical liquid to the glue.

Once your activator is in the bowl, begin to add your glue.

Elmer’s has a few different varieties of glues you can choose from that change colors.

Mix the Magical Liquid and Color Changing Glue together in your bowl.

You can use your hands to knead if you like but keep mixing until the slime comes together and pulls away from your bowl.

Now your slime should be ready for play!

Take your slime outside or near a window to watch the color change happen.

Enjoy! Make sure to store your slime in an airtight container when not using it. Otherwise, you will end up with hard and dried-up slime.

Always remember to wash your hands before and after touching your slime.

Thank you for checking out my slime tutorials. I hope they have helped you make some amazing slimes.

What slimes should we make next?

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