May 27, 2023

Slime, with its gooey texture and bright colors, has become a favorite sensory activity for many. Its popularity has led to the rise of numerous slime challenges, inspiring individuals to push the boundaries of what slime can do. One such challenge that has gained considerable attention is Elmer’s “What If” Slime Challenge.

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Elmer's what if slime challenge

Elmer’s, a well-known brand for glue and adhesive products, introduced the “What If” Slime Challenge as a way to encourage creativity and exploration.

This challenge invited participants to imagine and create slimes that went beyond the traditional, pushing the limits of what slime can do.

Whether it’s experimenting with unusual ingredients or incorporating unique textures, the “What If” Slime Challenge encourages participants to let their imaginations run wild.

I was so grateful to be included in Elmer’s What If Slime Challenge! Last year, I was contacted by Elmer’s asking me if I would be willing to be part of their What If Slime Challenge!

Of course, I was beyond willing and super excited to see what it was all about. All I was told was that a couple of Lumberjacks would be knocking on my door with a slime challenge involving slime.

You can watch the video above or follow along down below :).

*Full disclosure, this blog post was not sponsored by Elmer’s but the video above was :)

How the Slime Challenge Began: Waiting for the surprise!

Me waiting for the Lumberjacks to arrive!

The Lumberjacks are here!

This was amazing! I could not believe Elmer’s sent this huge wooden box to my house lol!

Inside was this huge Wood Chipper!

What if you went full “lumberjack” on slime?!”

In addition to the Wood Chipper, Elmer’s included a ton of extra little boxes including a bunch of extras, glues, and even rubber duckies!

How much wood would a wood chipper chip if a wood chipper didn’t chip wood, but SLIME?

As I understood the challenge, I was to make a bunch of slime and then I would be taking that slime and throwing it through the wood chipper to create a Slime Masterpiece. This was definitely going to be a Challenge. But I was up for it! The first thing I had to do was make a ton of slime! Elmer’s sent me metallic glue, color change glue, glitter glue, and school glue. They also included an insane amount of Magical Liquid to activate it all! You can shop everything I used in this video here!

Making the Slime: Gallons and Gallons of Slime!

I figured the easiest way to empty all of the glue bottles was to wrap an elastic around each group of glue bottles and let them drip out over the bowls.

If I had to hold all the bottles like this to get the glue out, I would have been making slime all night long lol.

While the little glue bottles were dripping, I tackled making slime with Elmer’s Gallon School Glue Bottles.

After I emptied all the gallons of glue into my huge container, I activated with the included giant Magical Liquid bottles. The Magical Liquid made it so easy to make a super thick slime without a lot of work or effort. Combining just the School glue and Magical Liquid was all I needed to do to make this slime super thick!

Once the slimes were all made, I took them outside by the Wood Chipper! Fun fact, lol, I live in Arizona and we filmed this video during summer in 110-degree weather. It was so hot that the wood chipper and all of my camera equipment kept shutting off. It was such a fun experience but also a real struggle to get all the footage I wanted for my video.

Throwing All of the Slime Through the Wood Chipper!

Ready Set Go! I began throwing the slime through the Wood Chipper!

This was honestly so much fun and if I could do it again, I would have made even more slime!

In addition to the slime, we threw rubber duckies, construction paper, foam balls and squeeze toys through the Wood Chipper.

The Art Masterpiece

I couldn’t help myself, I just needed to take a roll in the slime afterward :)

What I loved most about Elmer’s What if Slime Challenges is that it forced you to think outside the box and experiment with a new uncommon idea. By doing this, you can create slimes that showcase your unique creative vision.

I say gather your supplies and open your mind to an entire world of possibilities.

This was so much fun! Thank you to Elmers for including me in this slime challenge!

Have you ever done a slime challenge? Would you want to do this challenge?

Love you all! See you in the next post!

Time to Clean Up! I’m outta here…

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