March 21, 2023

Coated Clear Slime is a thick, non-tacky, crystal clear slime. Similar to my Best Clear Slime Recipe with the addition of only one ingredient! Keep reading to find out what I add to this slime recipe to make it coated.

What is Coated Clear Slime?

If you are wondering what Coated Slimes are and why I started making them, keep reading. Because slime is no longer just slime anymore.

Slime used to be a putty or gak that was created when we poured glue into a bowl filled with a borax mixture of part water and borax powder.

Of course, there were other ways to make slime as well which included laundry detergent, liquid starch, or basically anything that included some form of borax or sodium borate. This acted as the activator to turn glue into slime. A chemical reaction of amazingness and awesomeness.

I remember letting the slime slip through my fingers and onto the floor to see how long I could make my slime strings without them breaking and crashing to oblivion. LOL seriously. The best time.

Now, slime is no longer just slime. It is a beautiful concoction, a theme if you will. Slimes have scents now. Like real scents with some slimes almost smelling good enough to eat.


If you are not new to the slime community, you already know that there is always something new and fresh being created behind the scenes.

Followers and viewers scroll through pages and pages of slime videos produced by the “pro” and “famous” slimers of tik tok, Instagram and youtube, waiting to see what is next, what is new, and what is fresh.

Staying on top of the latest trends can be tricky as a newbie but also exciting at the same time.

Coated slimes are just that, the latest and greatest that the slime community has to offer at the moment.

Coated slimes promise to be less tacky and sticky to the touch once fully activated and touching your fingers.

In this post, I will show you how I make my coated clear slimes. You will be surprised by how easy this recipe is.

The hardest part of this recipe is the wait. Trust me on this, have patience and you will end up with an amazing Coated Clear Slime that is holdable, super clear, and extremely thick.

I have included a video of me making this slime just below. If you want to check it out, you can do that now, otherwise, skip below and let’s get started with the written version, shall we?

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Coated Clear Slime Recipe


In addition to the ingredients listed below, you will need a bowl and something to mix with. Any bowl or spoon will do.

How to Make Coated Clear Slime

The first thing you want to do is grab a bowl. Empty all of your glue into a bowl.

For this recipe, we will be using 2 (4oz) bottles of Elmer’s Clear Glue.

If you have the big jug of Elmer’s Clear Glue or the Quart size, go ahead and measure out approximately 8oz of glue for this recipe.

If you already follow me on my youtube channel and have watched some of my clear slime tutorials, you know that I love the quart size Elmer’s bottles of clear glue best. Love might even be an understatement.

For some reason and unfortunately, the gallon size does not produce as clear of slime as does the quart size containers.

The smaller, 4 or 5-ounce bottles do produce a nice clear slime almost the same as the quart-size bottles of glue. Other clear glues I like to use to make my clear slimes are Maddie Rae’s Clear Slime Glue and Amazon Basics Clear Glue.

Add 3-4 pumps of foam soap. I like to use Method brand foam soaps for my slimes but I have also had great success using other brands too if you can not find the Method brand.

If you do not have foam soap, you can add a drop or two of glycerin. I have ordered glycerin from Amazon but I have also purchased it from the pharmacy section at Target. It was located behind the counter so I had to ask the pharmacy employees to hand it to me.

Once you have your foam soap or glycerine added to your glue, you want to mix, mix and mix until it is well combined.

Now is the time we need your patience to kick in.

The slime will need to sit for about a week, or maybe even longer depending on how much slime you made. For example, if you chose to double or triple the recipe, the slime will need to sit and rest longer in order to clear up completely.

Place your slime in an airtight container and allow it to rest at room temperature.

When I say rest, I mean, do not open, poke, touch or play with it at all. All of these actions will cause your slime to take longer to clear and ultimately delay your gratification.

After about one week, your slime should look crystal clear and thick like the picture above.

Before touching the slime, make sure your hands are thoroughly washed as well as any surface you intend to place your slime on.

Next, wet your hands with contact lens solution. Then begin to poke and mix the solution into your slime.

The contact lens solution can also be added directly to your slime. This is what creates the no-tacky feel and helps to make your slime less sticky.

Over time your slime will deactivate. You may choose to reactivate your slime with a borax activator or simply use the contact lens solution.

You will want to do this any time your slime starts to get too sticky.

How to Store Your Slime

Always make sure to wash your hands before and after playing with your slimes.

Always store your slimes in a clean airtight container.

Thank you for checking out this RainbowPlayMaker Tutorial today :)

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