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Big Batch Slime Recipes by RainbowPlayMaker


Meet Marjorie Lounds, the seasoned pro in the world of slime-making, eager to unveil her coveted award-winning slime recipes just for you! With a track record of selling thousands of slimes on and gracing the VIP circles of top slime conventions nationwide, Marjorie’s expertise is undeniable. Garnering millions of views on her mesmerizing tutorials and satisfying slime showcases across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, she’s a recognized authority in her craft.

Are you prepared to master the art of slime like a pro with BIG BATCH SLIME RECIPES?

Inside this ebook, you’ll find recipes for the following types of big-batch slimes…
Big Batch Basic Slime
Big Batch Clear Slime
Big Batch Thicc and Glossy
Big Batch Cloud Slime
Big Batch Jelly Slime
Big Batch Icee Slime
Big Batch Butter Slime
Big Batch Inflatable Butter Slime
Big Batch Cloud Butter Slime
Big Batch Metallic Slime
Big Batch Glitter Slime
Big Batch Floam Slime
Big Batch Snow Fizz Slime
Big Batch Jelly Cube Slime
Big Batch Fishbowl Bead Slime
Big Batch Slushie Bead Slime
Big Batch Bingsu Bead Slime

Whether you’re gearing up for an epic slime-themed bash or seeking inspiration for your own slime business, this ebook is your ultimate guide!

*While a Slime Mixer can certainly streamline the process, it’s important to note that it’s not essential for preparing the recipes featured in this book.


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Why splurge on pricey slimes from renowned shops when you can effortlessly whip up premium-quality slimes at a fraction of the cost?

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Digital edition published in 2024


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