February 15, 2023
How to Make Clear Slime by RainbowPlayMaker

Crystal Clear Slime is simple yet classic and a favorite to all those in love with slime. Kept clear or used in combination with a variety of mixins, this slime recipe is a must-try and is sure to become one of your favorites.

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How to Make the Best Clear Slime

Why You Should Make This Clear Slime

There’s something so pleasing about mastering clear slime. Being able to create this simple yet complicated goop is like a right of passage in the slime community. Many try but give up too soon.

With just a few simple ingredients, I will teach you what you need to know to get your clear slimes right.

It is no secret that this Clear Slime is the perfect base slime to add pigments, glitters, clay sprinkles, and more.

If you haven’t considered making clear slime before, I encourage you to give it a try! This is one of my favorite easy go-to Clear Slime Recipes and I can not wait to share it with you.

You can watch me make this Clear Slime in the video below.

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These are the exact ingredients I use to make my Clear Gloss Slime.

RainbowPlayMaker Marjorie Lounds Pouring Clear Slime

All About This Clear Slime

I have sold thousands of Clear Slimes made using this recipe. A sure favorite and my most popular selling slime at Slime Conventions.

Clear Gloss is the name I use to market this award-winning slime.

This clear slime is crystal clear and thick with a slight and pleasant scent of sweet freshness. You will know what I mean when you make it 🙂

Clear Gloss is super thick yet still has a nice stretchiness to it. Everyone LOVES the fresh Sweetwater Scent!

Hand poking in Clear Slime

What You Need to Make This Clear Slime Recipe:

How to Turn Basic Clear Glue into the Best Clear Slime

Slime is chemistry. In the chemical reaction that creates slime, you have PVA which stands for polyvinyl- acetate (the glue) when combined with a boron base (activator such as powdered borax, liquid detergent, liquid starch, contact solution, etc.) a cross-linking reaction occurs creating the goopy gak substance we know today as slime.

How to Make Slime Activator

The only way to make a crystal clear slime is to use borax powder dissolved in water or by using the contact lens solution method. Any other activator will cause the slime to be cloudy. In this tutorial, I will be following the Borax dissolved in warm water method.

All you have to do is measure out one teaspoon of borax powder and dissolve it in one cup of warm water. Stir until all the powder granules are dissolved.

Clear Slime Ingredients
How to make slime activator
How to make slime activator without borax
RainbowPlayMaker Marjorie Lounds pouring clear glue

How to Make the Slime

Mixing All the Ingredients Together

Add your glue to a bowl. You can use any clear glue you have on hand but I highly recommend using the quart size Elmer’s Clear Glue or Elmer’s 5oz Clear Glue Bottles. I also like Maddie Rae’s Clear Slime Glue and the Amazon Basics Brand Glue.

Next, add three pumps of foam soap to the glue and mix. I like to add foam soap to my slimes to help with the stretch and also help to create a nice sizzle in the completed slime. Foam soap also helps to inflate slime when stretching and pulling the slime while you play with it if that is something you like.

Activate Your Slime

Add the prepared slime activator to the glue mixture. You want to add a little bit of activator at a time, mixing after each addition until the slime begins to come together.

When making a thick clear slime, the activator is a little stronger than a thinner slime. This keeps less water from being added to the slime, which helps to achieve the thick slime texture.

*If you are new to slime-making, I recommend starting with a weaker activator. This will help prevent over-activating your slime which unfortunately is pretty easy to do when working with clear glue to make clear slime. For a weaker activator, dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of borax instead of 1 teaspoon of borax in warm water.

You want to activate the slime until it pulls away from the bowl. The slime will be tough at this time. Once you have mixed the slime to the point of it being tough but not really sticky, you are done activating.

Let The Slime Rest

You want to store the slime in an airtight container for about one week at room temperature. It is so important during the resting stage that you do not open and touch or play with the slime at all. This time of resting will allow your slime to soften and clarify. Sometimes this clearing and softening part can take longer but it usually only takes up to a week. If it is colder than room temperature, your slime will take longer to clear and soften.

Clear Slime Recipe
Best Clear Slime Pinterest Pin

Want to make a fun slime variation using the clear slime you just made? try this! Please keep in mind, that the recipe below can not be made with a saline-activated slime. You need to use the Borax method of activating for it to work 🙂


  1. Kendall says:

    I just made a batch for myself this morning. It needs the week to set up, but I already noticed a much better consistency with this one than any of the other clear slime recipes we’ve made previously. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. Pete says:

    I don’t understand,you say use one cup of glue quart size, am I suppose to use a cup of glue or a quart? Thanks for your help

    • Hello! I like to use the clear glue from the quart size bottle of glue. It turns out the clearest. More so than the gallon bottle sizes. But the amount of glue you want to use from the quart size bottle is one cup. Feel free to double, triple the recipe as needed. Hope this helps!

  3. Sharon says:

    Do you know how much (1/4 cup, 1T, or ?) diluted activator (1tsp borax in 1 cup water) you squirt into 1 cup of glue? That is what we always seem to misjudge! Thank you!

  4. Jenesis says:

    I loveeeee your slime , especially your clear slime
    it is so pretty

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