March 20, 2023

This Edible Butter Slime Recipe tutorial is a super fun tasty treat. A great activity for a birthday party or end-of-school-year event.

Edible slimes are so much fun! I always love it when I can munch on my creations but also not have to worry about the little ones getting this slime in their mouth.

Let me show you how easy it is to make Edible Butter Slime!

How to Make Edible Unicorn Butter Slime

1. Gather your ingredients. To make this edible slime, you will need, Powdered sugar, Marshmallows, Food Dye, and Store-bought Frosting.

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2. Add an entire bag of Marshmallows to a large bowl or dish.

3. Melt in the microwave for about one minute. Make sure to keep an eye on the marshmallows because they will melt quickly and can easily burn.

4. Next, add the entire contents of icing to the bowl and mix until fully incorporated.

5. Now add powdered sugar to the mixture a little bit at a time until the edible slime comes together and is no longer sticky.

6. Once your mixture looks like this and is no longer sticky to the touch, you can divide the slime into three parts and add your desired choice of food coloring.

I am using Pink, Purple, and Blue for my three colors.

7. After you have added color to all of your slimes, grab your cup or container. I am using a leftover Starbucks cup but you can use any clear cup you like. Layer in the colors however you like!

8. I am adding canned whipped cream and sprinkles to the top to finish it off.

7. You can now cover it with a lid and add a straw to finish off your creation!

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