March 21, 2023

Cloud slime is a super fluffy cotton candy-like cloud of slime that has an amazing poof when stretched and inflated. This type of slime is not sticky and claims to have the ability to be drizzled in a satisfying manner by its users.

Who doesn’t love Cloud Slime? If you are a slime person, then you will love this Cloud Slime Recipe.

Cloud slime-type slimes have always been some of the biggest sellers in my slime shop! Not to mention top sellers at all the slime conventions.

The process of making Cloud Slime can be a bit tedious but with just a few ingredients and a little bit of time, you will be on your way to making super fluffy Cloud Slime with the best drizzle.

Ingredients You Need to Make Cloud Slime

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How to Make Cloud Slime

Grab a bowl and something to mix with and let’s get started.

Add glue to your bowl.

Combine water with glue.

Mix until well incorporated.

Activate! Add a little at a time until slime forms and pulls away from the bowl.

Add dry Snowonder Fake Snow a teaspoon at a time.

A lot of slimers wet their snowonder before adding it to their slimes. For this recipe tutorial, we are going to be keeping the Snowonder dry.

Knead and mix until fully incorporated after each addition of snowonder fake snow.

Pull, stretch, fold, and repeat until your slime starts to get this cloud-like texture.

Color your slime if you like and add scent. That is all there is to it!

Thank you for checking out my tutorial!

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